With personalized and innovative skill development, proven drills, and a competitive environment, HoopGains training provides elite skill workouts that are designed to push you to your limits and help you reach your goals.


So you want to raise your game to a new level, but don't know where to begin? Do you walk into the gym, determined to work hard and find yourself shooting around aimlessly? Maybe you do a few reps of a random shooting drill then switch to a ball handling drill you saw the other day on YouTube. 


Sound familiar?

Or maybe you're working your tail off but aren't seeing any changes. You're constantly in the gym by yourself, sweating, grinding, working to bring your game to the next level. But even with all your hard work, you don't see results in the game. And you wonder, how come no matter how much I improve in practice, I'm still the same player on game days?


Sound familiar?


You're not alone. I've been through these same struggles and I see it all the time. It kills me to watch motivated, talented athletes waste their time in the gym because they don't have a plan and they don't train smart. 


That's what HoopGains skill training is here to solve. 


The cornerstones of HoopGains skill training: 

Hard work






What HoopGains Training Can do for you


Leverage your talent to reach your goals

Average workouts will get you average results. If you train the same way everyone else does, you can expect to be mediocre. If you really want to reach your goals, mediocrity won’t cut it.

I believe it’s necessary to push the boundaries of skill development, by using creative and advanced training techniques. HoopGains training is purposeful and innovative with aim of taking advantage of your natural talent and using it to reach your goal.

I’m not going to promise that I can turn you into the next NBA superstar or give you a 40 inch vertical. What I can promise is that if you fully commit to disciplined, hard work with HoopGains training, you can make the most of your natural ability and see clear improvement toward your goals.


Better performance in games, not just in practice.

It doesn’t matter how good you look doing a flashy ball handling drill. The point of skill training is to improve performance in games! That’s why every workout and every drill is crafted specifically for maximum transfer to game situations. That's why I focus on drills that will help you perform when the crowd is screaming and all eyes are on you.

HoopGains training avoids flashy drills that look cool and exciting but are actually useless. I focus solely on the drills and skills that get real results


Increased mental toughness 

If you ask any elite player, they’ll tell you that being mentally tough is arguably more important than any skill or ability. That’s why HoopGains training is designed to test your mental toughness and improve your mental performance.

Your mind can either hold you back from your full potential or launch you forward toward achieving your goals. For this reason, HoopGains training includes visualization practices, homework assignments and grueling workouts to make your mind your biggest ally.



The single most important factor in your level of confidence is preparation. That’s it. Easy workouts don’t prepare you for the game. Deep down, you know that. But when you complete a grueling, exhausting workout that pushes your limits and tests your skills, you know deep down that you’re ready.

HoopGains workouts are intense and demanding for exactly that reason. So when you step on the court, you know you’ve invested the time and hard work and can play with absolute freedom and confidence in your skills and ability. 


More results from your time and effort.

Don’t waste your time and effort sifting through the mountains of terrible drills that litter the internet. I’ve already done that and honestly, 95% of what is out there is pure garbage. Flashy drills that look cool but are useless in game situations. I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet and YouTube for drills to improve every basketball skill.

Over the course of years and years of searching, I’ve carefully selected the few drills that are actually effective and discarded the rest. But even more importantly, I’ve picked up drills from my own personal training sessions. I’ve condensed everything I've learned from my time as a collegiate and professional basketball player and years of skills training and invented dozens of original drills that actually get results. 

Don’t waste your time and energy finding drills, testing them, and then trying to implement them into a structured, cohesive workout plan. I’ve already done that. Instead, channel that energy and motivation into your actual training. HoopGains training allows you to turn your inspiration and hard work into actual results, not a jumbled mess of workout ideas.


Competitive joy 

You know that feeling of accomplishment when you finish a grueling workout and push past your limits? Well, every HoopGains workout is crafted to create that feeling and those results.

When you walk out of the gym after a half-assed workout, you know it. Even if you try to ignore it, deep down there’s a little voice telling you that you haven’t done enough. That little voice is the worst. I want you to leave every workout with a clear conscience and peace of mind knowing that you’ve shut that little voice up.


With HoopGains training you get...

  1. 1.5 hour, on-court skill development sessions with Tyler Gaffaney. These can be done either individually or in a small group.
  2. Before we work together, I offer a free video breakdown of of your strengths/weaknesses/tendencies and areas of improvement edited together from one of your full game tapes. This way, I can create workouts and drills that will be most useful to improving your game performance. 
  3. Mental training techniques and exercises. These include pre-workout visualization, post-workout performance analysis, confidence building techniques, positive self-talk and more. 
  4. Personalized workouts that are individually crafted to help you reach your goals. Not a one-size-fits-all collection of drills that are thrown at players and expected to work.
  5. Homework assignments to complete outside of training sessions. 
    1. A free journal is provided to complete the homework assignments and perform the mental training exercises
  6. Open communication and video analysis via Edufii, an online platform and app for players and coaches to communicate and share information.
    1. Through Edufii, we log and keep track of performance, share workout ideas, ask and answer questions, and even correct technical flaws outside of our training sessions.


If you're interested in learning more about HoopGains Training, contact Tyler Gaffaney at...

Phone +1(415) 613-8081

Email: Tyler.Gaffaney@gmail.com

Skype: TyGaffaney