The "Oh My God, Steph Curry Did it Again" Post

Steph Curry makes ridiculous basketball plays all the time. And when he does, everyone who loves Steph Curry has their own personal "Steph moment." Mine tend to go something like this: I jump out of my seat, put my hands on my head and stare at the screen in utter disbelief yelling "you gotta be kidding me!"

Occasionally, my "Steph moment" is accompanied by the unfortunate sight of me high-stepping around the room like an idiot. It doesn't matter if I'm by myself in my apartment or in the middle of a dead silent library (trust me, it's been awkward). When a "Steph moment" strikes I'm powerless to resist.

Given my gigantic man-crush on him, it might be surprising that I wasn't sold on Steph Curry at first. I know, shocking right? Coming out of college, I had the same concerns as everyone else: too small, unathletic, can he be a true point guard? I mean, I've got all the respect in the world for baby-faced ballers (I don't exactly sport a full beard) but when the warriors (my hometown team) used their lottery pick on him, I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong. 

Even during his first year, I was on the fence whether the Warriors should build around Monta Ellis or Steph. But I remember watching a game against the Nuggets during his rookie year where it all changed. He pulled this move out of nowhere and I had what would end up being the first of many "Steph moments." 

So, I think it's about time that I compile a post of my favorite "Steph moments" that cause any NBA fan with a pulse to have an involuntary freak out. So here it is, in honor of the most entertaining player in the league, here are my favorite "Steph" moments."


Slaying the Black Mamba

It takes something absurd to get love from Kobe when the Lakers are getting blown out by 30. 


Wait- did he just--no...are you serious?

Start at 9 seconds

Imagine the confidence Steph has to pull off this shot in the playoffs. It wasn't like he was even hot yet, it was 2 and half minutes into the game! Just ridiculous.


Sure, Why Not?

"I'm just gonna go between my legs, around the back, crossover, then pick the ball up off the floor and splash a jumper right in Tony Parker's face." Of course, because that makes sense.


The Puppet Master

It's Steph Curry's world, we're just living it.


How Did He See That?

I'm watching this video for the hundredth time thinking to myself "how did he know where Barnes was gonna be?" I mean, he doesn't even look back as he's tracking down the loose ball. You know it's a classic "Steph moment" when I'm still trying to figure out how he did it a over a month later.


Good Luck Gary Neal

Gary Neal at 18 seconds into the video: "Where am I? What just happened? Is this real life?" That my friend, is a "Steph moment."


Any other ridiculous Steph plays you can think of? Did I miss any of your favorites?